If not the Freedom Tower, or the WTC Memorial, there always seems to be something wrong with Ground Zero rebuliding, and the latest part of the Lower Manhattan Development Corporation's plan at the World Trade Center to be mired in controversy is the International Freedom Center. The IFC was originally supposed to be a place where people would learn about tolerance and diversity (though steering clear of September 11 events, because that would be displayed elsewhere), but then various parties got upset when it was revealed that the IFC would have exhibits on "man's inhumanity to man". Lately, Senator Hillary Clinton has spoken out against the center, which might mark the first time the Post and the junior Senator have something they can agree about. What's most dispriting is the haphazard way organizations or planned spaces at the WTC have occured, generating such vitriol and confusion on the part of the public.

greg.org on the controversy. And this whole kerfuffle reminds us of the South Park episode, the Death Camp of Intolerance (script, downloads).