A city councilwoman is trying to pass legislation that would make tampons available to teen girls for free.

Queens City Councilwoman Julissa Ferreras is pushing for wider tampon availability in places like high school restrooms, the Post reports. Roughly 50 percent of America is aware of the unconscionably high cost of tampons, but for the other 50 percent: Let's call it 11 bucks for a box of around 40. That may not sound like much, but considering they're an item you really have no choice but to buy, it's a pretty banal way to spend hard-earned money, especially when you're a teen.

"When I worked at the Beacon Program in Corona, young girls would skip class because they preferred that to asking staff for pads or risk staining their clothes," she wrote on her Facebook page. "In a city where we hand out free condoms, we should be making essential feminine hygiene products more affordable and accessible. It's a matter of avoiding health risks, affordability and women's equality."

She also wants Albany to exempt all feminine hygiene products from the sales tax.