Hey, New Yorkers! As much as we know you've been loving the free mass transit the last few days—and who wouldn't love the crazy maps, long lines for "bus bridges" and more?—all good things must come to an end. And so, like Cinderella's coach, your free rides stop tonight at midnight. Unless you've got really skinny legs.

But honestly now that service is slowly getting back to normal can you blame the cash-strapped MTA for needing to be reimbursed for their trouble? However much people like to complain about the MTA under normal circumstances—and bitching about the MTA is an inalienable right of every New Yorker!—you have to admit that they have done an incredible job bouncing back from a truly tremendous amount of strain. Just sucks they're going to have to turn around and hit us with a fare hike right when we remembered how much we love them. At least the Staten Island Ferry is still free.

Oh, and in case you were wondering if the MTA was going to reimburse you for the time you couldn't use your unlimited MetroCard, you can keep wondering. An MTA spokesman tells us "Honestly there has been no discussion." Right now everyone is "still trying to figure out restoring service."