2005_10_bryantice.jpgToday, the Parks Department will announce that Bryant Park will get a skating rink from October 28 until January 15. The New York Public Library had been worried that a rink would damage an underground book storage area, but say, "The concerns we've raised are being addressed and we know that Bryant Park, with its views of the library's Beaux-Arts facade, will provided a beautiful setting for skating this winter." And how. The rink, called The Pond at Bryant Park, will cost $4 million and is 17,000, which the Times says is half the size of Wollman Rink and double the size of Rockefeller Center. Fun fact: The rink and equipment like the Zamboni, plus crowds, will weigh less than the fashion shows! And to top it off, the skating will be free (there is $7.50 skate rental).

Gothamist hopes that the first aid station will be prepared for all the skaters who get distracted by photoblogging their skating, and we imagine people will be liveblogging skating sessions thanks to the WiFi! Ice Rink Events of Texas is installing the rink. The NY Times has a nice graphic of the rink, too.