Governor Cuomo and MTA Chair Joe Lhota just updated everybody on the state of the MTA there is good news and there is bad news. Let's start with the good news: According to Cuomo a limited bus service will resume TODAY AT 5 P.M.. But only limited ("Basically the Sunday schedule.") Further, "no fares will be charged on buses today or tomorrow." And it gets better: according to Lhota, no MTA "buses have any damage, nor do any subway cars. All [of the trouble is] on the lines, all on the track level." So that is the good news.

Still expect it to take a bit of time for the system to get back on line. Think "restoration of parts of the system, not the whole thing," as Cuomo put it. He went on to explain that the damage from the waters yesterday "are unlike things this city has seen in decades, if ever."

After Cuomo spoke, Lhota took a turn to talk about the status of the tunnels (there Brooklyn-Battery tunnel is still all wet) and to let everyone know that sadly the MTA's assessment of the situation is going to "take a little longer than we had thought." Which makes sense when, y'know, downtown the "South Street station water is literally up to the ceiling."

Still, Lhota says "if there are parts that we can get up, we'll get them up" and asks that New Yorkers "understand and be creative with us." So be ready to take the bus and keep your eye on, where the Authority hopes to keep New Yorkers up to date on their plans.

As for the MTA's non-subway and bus coverages, those will also be up and running eventually too—but things like a BOAT ON THE TRACKS OF THE OSSINING LINE are making it hard to bring them back up. As for airports? The Governor hopes that JFK will reopen tomorrow but is dubious about LaGuardia's chances due to serious damage.