If you drive into the city from Queens or Long Island, it might be worth your while to stop by Shea Stadium today between 10AM and 2PM. Why? Because the NYC Department of Transportation is trying to relieve holiday gridlock by giving 350 $4 Metrocards to commuters who park at Shea and will use mass transit today, next Wednesday (December 27) and January 3. This is supposed to be part of the DOT's holiday traffic mitigation plan, but the one flaw we see is that commuters would probably be at their Midtown work while the Metrocards are being given away. And why not offer some promotion with other mass transit systems, like the LIRR or NJ Transit? But who is anyone to complain, as the cards were donated by the International Gemological Institute.

Why are these days so congested? Due to "matinees and other activities associated with the holidays," according to the DOT. (Other traffic mitigation solutions: opening up parks to traffic!) But don't worry, tomorrow and Friday will be holiday gridlock days, too. And you'll find DOT employees giving out free Metrocards at the Roosevelt Avenue entrance (between 114th and 126th Streets) to the parking lot.