The free IKEA shuttle buses that transport passengers between the Swedish furniture giant’s Red Hook store and three nearby subway stops have been slapped with over 50 safety violations since November! State inspectors cited infractions ranging from broken headlights and worn tires to unlicensed drivers; in one case they ordered a bus driver to immediately terminate service after noticing that both rear emergency exits were broken and wouldn’t open. (Maybe they just weren't assembled correctly?) IKEA spokesman Joseph Roth says he was "surprised" to hear about the violations, which each carry a maximum fine of $5,000. The company has a contract with Corporate Express, based in Gravesend, to operate the route, but that company has subcontracted out to others. Corporate Express lawyer Arthur Miller tells the Daily News this is essentially a witch hunt (just like The Crucible!) orchestrated by the Red Hook locals who've long opposed IKEA: "The fact is, [state inspectors] were called. And any agent will tell you they can always find something wherever they go."