Earlier this week, Cookie Monster was charged for shoving a toddler and cursing his mother. In today's disillusioning arrest news, the Free Hugs guy of Washington Square Park—who carries a sign offering his gratis services—was arrested for allegedly hurling a can of soda at a woman's face.

According to NYU Local, 21-year-old Jermaine Himmelstein was arrested yesterday at 1:45 p.m. on charges of assault, after he allegedly threw a can at a woman who denied his request for a hug. But Himmelstein had apparently acted creepily long before yesterday's incident: One poster on the NYU Secrets Facebook page revealed she once gave Himmelstein a hug, which concluded with him pestering her for more and finally, asking for an "adult hug."

Himmelstein also has a reputation of asking for donations following the hugs, a request eerily reminiscent of the Cookie Monster debacle. Remember, kids: If someone tries to give you something, anything, for free, the safest thing you can do is run.