2006_11_inconventruth.jpgSome New Yorker readers are getting not only elaborate, thick-stock advertisements, but an actual DVD of Al Gore's An Inconvenient Truth! The NY Sun reports that an unspecified number of DVDs were placed into this week's edition, with the tag line, "Own, Watch and Share It." While the New Yorker won't say how many readers will receive it, there are a couple possibilities: The special subscriber list of "1,500 influential members of business, government, and the media" or regional placements in New York and Los Angeles, to drum up Oscar buzz. We imagine the select subscribers to be people who have mailboxes big enough to accept a magazine with DVD inside - that's no regular Netflix envelope.

An Inconvenient Truth is available on DVD tomorrow. The DVD has updated information, has a music video from Melissa Etheridge and is "is packaged to make the smallest possible environmental footprint - it is made of 100% post-consumer waste recycled paper, no excess materials, and absolutely no plastics." Phew!