Valentine's is for lovers, so thinks the city, which is handing out free NYC Condoms today at 10AM. We're not sure if the weather has changed the Department of Health and Mental Hygiene's plans, but Health Commissioner Thomas Friedan, as well as Kenneth Cole (designer and chair of amFar) and Dr. Marjorie Hill of the Gay Men's Health Crisis are supposed to be unveil the condom packaged with subway iconography at the Kenneth Cole Store at 50th and 5th Avenue, and volunteers will be giving them out.

If you get a condom, send us a picture at photos(at)gothamist(dot)com or tag it on Flickr with "gothamist"! The condom is made by LifeStyles; the city is paying 4 cents per condom. Kenneth Cole has also created a t-shirt and boxers for the city's condom initiative. "Ride me" come-ons, anyone?

Update: A reader just sent us a cameraphone pic of the condom. People, it's a "Premium Lubricated Latex Condom"!


As for incorporating the subway line into it the packaging, it's B-. You can't go wrong with subway lettering, but the letter's don't correspond to their actual colors (the "Y" and "O" aside), which just isn't authentic.

For more information about the city's AIDS initiatives, go to the Health Department website.