2006_04_gnome.jpgThings defense attorney Bruce Cutler brought up in his closing argument, in the "Mafia cop" case, per the NY Times, Daily News, and the NY Post (the Times has to most detailed description of Cutler's summation, comparing him to a stream of consciousness "bebopping poet" - of sorts:
- The Bridge Over the River Kwai (mind you, the defendents never served in WWII or built bridges, from what Gothamist knows)
- Gnome (what he called a short witness)
- Hal the coyote (comparing his client, ex-detective Louis Eppolito, to the poor ducks Hal would eat)
- Emile Zola
- Martin Luther King, Jr.
- Acela trains

We're going to look for a transcript of the closing arguments (or if anyone knows how we can get one, let us know, please), because it sounds exactly like what Cutler, who defended John Gotti, would do. And there must be a movie made of this, because this is the kind of scenery chewing part that, hmm, Daniel Benzali would be perfect for (his likeness to Cutler doesn't hurt).

One of our very favorite closing arguments in a film is from the Al Pacino movie, And Justice For All. But we also love The Verdict for Paul Newman's boozy attorney.