All over the city, snippets of conversation about the confounding relationship between Anthony Weiner and Huma Abedin are floating around like skin on the subway, the topic primarily some variant of: What the hell is she thinking?

For Abedin, the situation has got to be just galling: The general public has been privy to a cringing amount of knowledge regarding Weiner's sexual proclivities—We know about his love of "fuckme" shoes, we know how quickly he climaxes (30 seconds, apparently), and we know, regrettably, every contour of his bare penis.

And then it gets worse: A source close to Abedin told the Daily News that she had no idea that the titillating texting continued as long as it did, that it reared its ugly....head...right around the time she insisted to People magazine that "we’re a normal family." The source says Abedin was "furious" when she discovered Weiner's habits were dying hard (Listen—Weiner can't stop sexting, I can't stop making puns about Weiner sexting. I'm sorry.)

"Her inclination was to leave," the source told the tabloid. “She’s not fine and she’s not in good spirits,” the friend said, adding that Abedin likely won't be hitting the campaign trail quite as hard as she might have.

Abedin may have decided to stand by her man, but the general consensus among New York women is far less forgiving.

“Fool me once, shame on you,” 30-year-old Noebeth Toro told the Times. “Fool me twice, shame on me.”

“She’s such an elegant woman and she comes across so competent,” said another. “And yet any citizen would just have to question her total acceptance of something that makes the rest of us very uneasy.”

Speculation abounds that Abedin's commitment to her husband is born of political motivation. Speculation abounds about everything, even about a reporter who happened to be standing in the vicinity of Abedin and Weiner at a press conference! But the couple's big mistake—perhaps their only mistake—is to continue to insist, as they did last summer, that "they're a normal family."

For starters, there are no normal families. The idea of "normal families" is oppressive propaganda perpetuated by the marriage industrial complex, and the sooner Weiner and Abedin acknowledge the fact that yes, there's some weird shit going on in theirs, the sooner they can move on.

For instance: What if Huma knew about the whole thing from Day 1? What if she's OK with the idea that her husband is indulging in what amounts to a harmless fantasy—after all, there's no evidence that he ever acted on any of the hair pulling shower sex etc. etc. in real life. What if she gets off on it herself?

At the end of the day, New Yorkers will be much more inclined to vote for a mayor who admits to having some bones in his closet—after all, this is New York City, not Jonesboro, Arkansas.

But what New Yorkers don't want is to be lied to—and Abedin insisting that she's forgiven Weiner doesn't mean we have to.