The mayoral election started to heat up yesterday as Freddy Ferrer released his first attack ad against Bloomberg. The 60-second radio spot set to country music emphasizes Bloombergs relationship with George Bush and according to the Times is running largely on radio stations with mostly African-American audiences (because they, studies find, dislike Dubya more than any other group). The ad also rolls out Freddy's new slogan: "Elect Freddy Ferrer mayor. He's not like Mike, he's more like you."

The gist of the ad, beyond the new slogan, is that "Bloomberg helped raise $85.6 million to help re-elect George W. Bush" and that he was "Bush's and the Republican Party's single biggest donor, contributing $7 million." Will this be the beginning of an attack ad war as we lead into the two debates (that Bloomberg has chosen to attend) and the actual election? The tabloids sure hope so (and to be honest, we kinda do to).