2005_10_ferrerclinton.jpgFernando Ferrer got the help of former President Bill Clinton with some campaigning in the Bronx, but the event did not go off without a hitch. Clinton's team "dismantled" sound equipment, seemingly to the dismay of some "low level" Ferrer supporters, and the NY Times takes the opportunity to see that the Clinton helping Ferrer in a limited capactiy, sort of going through the motions while not pulling out all the stops. Why? Because associating themselves with a losing candidate might be embarrassing for Hillary, and Bloomberg is actually liked by many Democrats. While Ferrer benefits from whatever the Clintons do for him (Hillary is hosting a fundraiser for him tonight), Gothamist wonders if the Ferrer campaign can handle full-on Clinton, as, per the NY Times article, the Clinton's starpower "overshadowed him at times, and their smoothness has left him looking like a B-list candidate." But the article does assert that the Clintons like Ferrer personally - maybe he'll get an appointment if Hillary gets elected to higher office!

The actual stumping was held in Charlotte Gardens, which Clinton credited Ferrer will reviving; Bloomberg's campaign said that the revival was really started by the Koch administration. Ferrer's campaign took aim at the Mayor's visit to a Red Hook school, and claimed he was campaigning there, mirroring the Bloomberg camp's complaint that Ferrer was campaigning when he visited a high school.