While the transit police are busy cracking down on commuters who put their feet up on the seats, maybe they can also do something about people pulling down their underwear and grinding away on the subway? We don't know much about this truly vile Twitpic, and we don't want to know. (We regret that now you know too, but better you should hear it from us, in a safe place.) Below, in the interest full public disclosure, the NSFW version of the photo.

Anyway, is this for real? If we all agree it's fake or staged, will that erase the image from our brains? As a service to readers, please keep this in mind next time you touch anything in the subway system—unless this is your thing, in which case bring some singles down there with you.

The insightful Twitter comments on this photo range from "i be knocked the hell out in those seats!!!!!!!! neva again ewww" to "Yoo that's nasty.. Ppl realli do this n NY?" But our favorite thus far has to be, "Eeeeeelllll...open toe sandals!!" Your move, No Pants Subway ride.