A freak chain-reaction accident on the Cross Bronx Expressway early Sunday morning left one young mother dead and her brother in a coma, as a result of icy conditions on the road from Saturday's snowstorm.

Jennifer Sosa, 20, and her brother Pedro Luis Sosa, 19, were riding in a crowded minivan when they got into a multi-car accident around 5:45 a.m., reports NBC. When the siblings got out of the minivan to inspect the damage, another car crashed into them, sending the two flying over a concrete barrier and 75 feet down to Bruckner Boulevard. Jennifer Sosa was pronounced dead at Jacobi Hospital, while Pedro remains in critical condition in a coma.

The Post talked to the Sosa's mother, Angela Escoto, who said that Jennifer had called moments before her death to tell her mother that she'd been in a minor accident but she was fine. “I wanted to ask her what happened. I never got the chance. It’s too soon. She’s gone too soon,” she said. Mitchell Lebron, the driver of the car that smashed into the Sosas, said “I started sliding on the black ice and snow...I hit the brakes, and I kept sliding. I saw them, and there was nothing I could do...I’m so sorry for the family."

Jennifer had a one-year-old son and worked as a waitress at La Paz, a bar in Port Jefferson. A family member told the Times that Jennifer was “the life of everything,” adding, “She was always so happy.” Family also described Pedro as a promising young boxer, who had matches coming up at Madison Square Garden.