Last year, a yellow/white cat was found in Clinton Hill in the aftermath of Irene, and soon after was adopted by a local. It was inevitable that history would repeat itself with Sandy...except this time, instead of a lost kitty, one Greenpoint couple found a lost hen!

Chris Mottalini wrote to tell us about the "FrankenHen" he and his girlfriend found outside Shahz in Greenpoint last night.

We were hanging out at Shayz the night of the storm, watching the World Series when we saw a freaking hen running around outside. A bunch of people were taking photos of her and what not, but nothing more than that. When it came time to leave the bar, she was still hanging around outside and I felt bad leaving her, so my girlfriend scooped her up, calmed her down and we took her home.

Obviously they've all bonded—Mottalini came home today to find that she had laid an egg for them. He's already contacted the Wild Bird Fund in Manhattan to see if they can find a new home for her, but he feels like she may belong to someone in the neighborhood: "She's surprisingly calm and tame, though she got a lot bolder and more rambunctious this morning, once the storm passed....she's kind of acting like she owns the place."

So if you happen to be missing a hen, you can contact Mottalini at Of course, we would be remiss if we didn't note that in NYC, a person may not legally keep a rooster as a pet. Not that this has stopped some people from doing so in the past...