here comes Frances... crap.

Sick of all the talk about weather and hurricanes that don't affect us? Welcome tropical depression Frances. The outskirts of the Frances mass will begin to drop the rain on us today, and likely continue, heavy at times, on through tomorrow and into Friday before things clear up. It's bringing some nice tropical air with it too, so while the high temps will be normal, the lows won't be limbo-ing too low and the humidity, my god the humidity. As has been a recurring theme, watch for flood warnings while we get doused. Who knows how soaked we'll get. Gothamist is anxiously awaiting to see how our new Weather Beacon reacts to the weather.

The hurricane activity has not only been its own news story, but has also helped break the record for most tornadoes in the month of August. This year the preliminary number for August stands at 173, cold crushing the old mark of 126 from back in 1979. Hurricanes often spawn tornadoes which add to their wrath. Frances has reportedly spawned over two dozen72 since landfall

Oh yeah, and that other hurricane Ivan? It's a category 4 mean one and heading for the Gulf of Mexico, but could still nail Florida again.

USA Today answers some interesting questions about these current hurricanes.