Last night, the DHL cargo facility at JFK Airport was evacuated due to a suspicious package. The package, which had a cellphone and paperwork, was ultimately deemed safe, but the episode signaled how worried authorities are in the wake of last week's mail bombs, which were sent from Yemen and intercepted in the U.K. and Dubai. Now, France's interior minister claims one of the bombs was defused 17 minutes before it was set to explode.

The Daily News reports, "Brice Hortefeux declined to reveal where he got the information from, which bomb it was, or where it could have potentially exploded, during an interview with the country's state-run channel, France-2 Televison." The packages, which contained printer parts as well as the explosive PETN, are believed to be the work of Al Qaeda operatives, specifically Ibrahim Hassan al-Asiri, in Yemen.

The packages, shipped by UPS and FedEx, were addressed to synagogues in Chicago, but experts say they were designed to explode mid-air. One of the bombs also traveled on two passenger flights.