Public Enemy No. 1 for nail salons, Foxy Brown, turned herself in at a Brooklyn police precinct. Brown had been charged with misdemeanor assault last August after she allegedly argued with two employees of the ubiquitous nail salon chain, Bloomie Nails in New York Metro's Guide by Product to Shopping, Shops and Stores. Apparently Brown wanted a manicure and pedicure, but only got a manicure and freaked out when she was charged for both...then the employees locked her in, asking for the money, and Brown may or may not have hit one of them with a cellphone, leading to a hospital trip. The police say Brown was not happy with the services. It doesn't seem like there were any witnesses, because that would have been too easy; what Gothamist didn't realize was that Brown's real name is "Inga Marchand," which is actually pretty cool. Anyway, the real lesson is that going to nail salons can be pretty hit or miss. Gothamist has gone to Bloomie Nails a number of times, and their locations are pretty comfortable and generally have pretty good service, as long as you're keeping in mind you're getting a good deal. Have you been to Bloomie Nails? What do you think of it?

There was that Seinfeld episode, The Understudy, where Elaine tries to understand what the Korean manicurists are saying about her.