That Brooklyn bad girl Foxy Brown is back at it! The 30-year-old rapper served 8 months behind bars recently, and last night was slapped with one count of criminal contempt. Allegedly she went after her neighbor in Brooklyn, Arlene Raymond, who has a restraining order against her following an attack in 2007 (at the time, her Blackberry was her weapon of choice).

According to the Daily News, the two ran in to each other at 151 St. Marks and Foxy screamed, "Bitch, what are you looking at? What the fuck are you looking at?" She then lifted up her skirt and exposed herself. Classy!

Raymond called the police and Foxy was charged with the class E felony for violating the order of protection. She is out on $50,000 bail, and her manager claims the charges are false—though a witness told the Post the two "were getting into each other’s faces."