The woman who accused Foxy Brown of breaking the order of protection she has against her claims that during a recent run-in with the rapper, she was not only verbally abused but also mooned! Arlene Raymond says she saw Foxy's underwear when she lifted her skirt during the encounter, but the 30-year-old rapper tells the NY Post that's impossible, since she wasn't wearing any underwear. Of course.

Foxy told the paper, "I couldn't have mooned Arlene Raymond because I wasn't wearing any underwear, in a Sharon Stone kind of 'Basic Instinct' way. She told the cops she'd seen my underwear—but what underwear? I had been to visit my mother and was waiting outside for my boyfriend to pick me up, and she called the cops from inside her house. There was no fight. When the cops showed up I thought they wanted an autograph." Yeah, who wears underwear when visiting their mother!

Either way, wouldn't it be great if instead of physically assaulting someone, or shooting someone, people would just settle their beefs with some innocent mooning?