Finally, Foxy Brown is talking about the eight months of time she served, and completed last April, after assaulting two nail salon employees in 2006 and then violating parole. Of course, her chattiness might have been prompted by the NY Post cover story on the star treatment she received at Rikers. The paper spoke to Brown, who insisted, "It was incarceration, not vacation." But it wasn't all riches to rags behind bars: She admitted, "I only wore the designer clothing I was allowed to have." Not only were her prison clothes accessorized with Fendi scarves, but the paper reiterates that correction officials fawned over her and became her entourage! "Chaplains hung out in her cell, delivered her meals and makeup, and gave her unlimited TV and phone access." Brown insists she was treated equally, however, and refers to it as "the worst period in my life." Surely she has plenty of pity party material for her autobiography.