2006_08_foxybrown.jpgRapper Foxy Brown had her day in court yesterday over the alleged incident where she assaulted workers at Bloomie Nails nail salon after they charged her for both a manicure and pedicure. She admitted she was guilty to the assault charges...then changed her mind. The Post details the "spectacle":

Then, moments before she submitted to getting her cheek swabbed by court officers - so that her genetic profile could be added to the state DNA database, as required for violent misdemeanors - her feet went cold in her brown, snakeskin Christian Louboutin stilettos.

She broke down in tears in the courthouse hall and begged to be seen by the judge again.

"After conferring with my attorney, I'm not pleading guilty!" she protested. "I'm innocent in this case! You were rushing me!"

But the judge refused.

"Your client is telling me she perjured herself when she answered her questions? I am not going to accept that," the judge said firmly. "Your client may have had a change of heart, but it's too late now."

Uh, maybe she should have conferred with her lawyer earlier? And what's more, Brown showed up to court late yesterday (she blamed the storm Ernesto for a canceled plane flight). Brown can attempt to withdraw her plea by writing to the court, but if not, she'll have to submit to a three year probation and mandatory anger management classes.