The seasons may change, but we seem to be assured of stories where rapper Foxy Brown goes totally crazy and does something that requires the police or the phrase "pressing charges." This time, Brown (born Inga Marchand) is accused of stealing $800 worth of belts - just two belts! Tony Khayat, owner of L'Impasse on West 8th Street, told the NY Post that he gave free clothes to Brown earlier this week, but she stormed into his store after hours, wearing paper pedicure slippers, demanding the clothes she had brought in for tailoring. Then she tried to bargain for a gold watch, and when she didn't get the price she liked, she took the two expensive belts. Khayat, who showed the Post the surveillance footage of Brown acting up, said, "I was going to just call her and tell her to get those f-ing belts back - but I guess I'm pressing charges." We guess he just doesn't want to be friends anymore!

Khayat also suspected that Brown's behavior was due to prescription drugs, since she recently had surgery. Okay, but remember how she's accused of hitting a Bloomie Nails manicurist with a cellphone and driving over some bicyclists? And she missed a court hearing in NJ about making "terroristic threats"? Yeah, something more is up.