2005_10_foxy.jpgJust in time for tonight's Critical Mass bike ride, it turns out that rapper Foxy Brown may have hit two bicyclists during the pre-Republican National Convention August ride last year. Her former friend, Ayesha Quattara, says that Brown blamed her for driving a Land Rover on West Houston Street, while it was really Foxy behind the wheel. Apparently the women were trying to get from one Louis Vuitton store to another before it closed since Brown wanted to buy something. Please! We know the Takashi Murakami bags are really cute, but you don't go hitting bikers to get to them. Matthew Campau and Robert Herschenfeld were hit by the Rover, as Brown allegedly yelled at them. While Newsday wouldn't publish what she allegedly said, the Post did:

"Get out of my way, you dumb white faggots!" Herschenfeld said she screamed.

"I laughed at first. And then she was rolling over me, so I didn't get to laugh that long," he added

Then, Herschenfeld says, someone yelled, "Hey, that's Foxy Brown." Herschenfeld, who suffered a leg injury, later found out that Foxy Brown was rap star, thanks for the Internet. Brown's attorney asserts that his client wasn't driving the car and that Quattara is a disgruntled employee. Either way, bikers, be careful of insane people trying to jet between boutique to boutique while you're riding tonight!