In 2007 Foxy Brown gave her neighbor Arlene Raymond a little beatdown with her Blackberry, and has since been ordered to keep her distance. But on July 21st this year the two came face to face again, and Raymond claims that the rapper mooned her during the interaction, which she also claims consisted of a stare-down and spewing profanities. Foxy now faces felony charges for violating the restraining order, but denies all of it and is pleading not guilty.

This morning Foxy, real name Inga Marchand, showed up at the Brooklyn Supreme Court court to testify in secret before a grand jury about the incident, according to the NY Post. She told jurors she has ditched her bad girl days, and now lives in a Prospect Heights brownstone with her mother.

Meanwhile, a source told the paper, "Foxy can’t even sleep at night. This is truly a nightmare."