2007_08_foxy.jpgFoxy Brown, after violating probation, got an all access pass to the big house this morning. The rapper managed to use a Blackberry as a weapon earlier this month - the latest on a list of violent outbursts, yet has managed to stay out of jail against all odds until this point.

The judge sent her off to Rikers, but she's not alone -- The Post is reporting that Foxy is three months pregnant! For now she'll spend at least two weeks in the pre-natal unit. Once her time is served she'll be right back in front of the same judge at the Manhattan Criminal Court for a hearing on charges saying she has "flouted the rules of probation" on top of the aforementioned incidents.

Expected jail time overall exceeds a year, and given that the probation department lawyer told the judge she has "abused the privilege [of probation] to the point of no return," it looks like Foxy can plan on shades of jail-cell-gray for her baby shower color theme. The Post has a run down of some of Foxy's offenses:

First among them is Foxy getting arrested earlier this month for allegedly whacking a Brooklyn neighbor in the face with her Blackberry, giving the woman a loose tooth and a bruised eye in an apparent fight over the volume of Foxy's car stereo.

Her other alleged probation offenses include missing court-ordered appointments with her anger management therapists and probation officer, along with recently getting busted in Bergen County on a traffic infraction when she’d not asked for probation permission to go to New Jersey.

Her lawyer insists that with the new baby on its way, a wedding on the horizon and a reality TV show in the works - the rapper is turning her life around. If reality series were known for getting lives back on track, then we'd be seeing a Busey/Baio ticket in 2008! And even if they did lead to redemption, her long history with the judge (who Foxy declared has "a disdain for hip hop") isn't going to help her out.