And here we have a screenshot of Fox News's report on President Obama's birthday party last night, which was attended by such hip-hop luminaries as UBS Investment Bank President Robert Wolf, FCC Chair Julius Genachowski, House Leader Nancy Pelosi, and Obama's Harvard law school friends. How street is that?! Oh, there were also gangsta celebs like Tom Hanks, Gayle King, and CSI: NY star Hill Harper! Heh, you can bet the baggy pants at this party were sagging lower than the Dow!

Unlike George W. Bush, who always spent his birthdays riding through the countryside on horseback planting magical job-creation seeds (you'll recall the Fox article "Bush's Country Music Rodeo Employs Millions") that lazy Obama just spent the night lounging around eating BBQ chicken with his "urban" hip-hop friends. Jay-Z was in the house—technically he was the only hip-hop artist on the guest list, but as you can see from this Fox News photo composite, the other guests probably enjoy hip-hop music... because the DJ played some, mixed in with Motown and R&B.

So what songs did Jay-Z perform at this "def" hip-hop BBQ? Well, he didn't actually perform, but there were performances from R&B singer Ledisi, Herbie Hancock, and Stevie Wonder, who tore into his nasty Dirty South hip-hop classic "Signed, Sealed, Delivered I’m Yours" as Obama sprayed Armand de Brignac all over Kathleen Sebelius and David Axelrod played the bongos on Hillary Clinton's gyrating bikini bottom. Shit was off the CHAIN in the East Room hot tub, Fox reports.