A large percentage of Fox News viewers are cloistered in suburbs, and will never visit New York City while it's ruled by Marxist dictator "Red" Bill de Blasio. But with China such a big focus in the election, how will these delicate flowers learn what Chinese-Americans think of the Chinese/United States relationship? Fortunately for them, the O'Reilly Factor, always a bastion of racial tolerance, sent ludicrously stupid oaf and candidate for Worst Man on Earth Jesse Watters downtown with a microphone to find out what Chinatown residents think of the election, and to lean on some good old fashioned Asian stereotypes. Did the segment open with a "Kung Fu Fighting"-style parody of traditional Chinese music? You bet your ass it did.

Like most man on the street segments, this particular edition of Watters' World was supposed to throw people off, make them look dumb and generally be a barrel of laughs for the viewing audience. What that meant in practice though was pointing a camera at a senior citizen who couldn't speak English, asking her a question and somehow making the joke that she didn't understand Watters. Was she even Chinese? Who gives a shit! The subtext was obvious: Who could possibly tell 'em apart, amirite? You guys in the back know what I'm talking about.

Hey, here's some unnecessary subtitles for a man with an accent. Can you believe he has an accent that is extremely easy to understand???

Watters hilariously asked about herbs "for performance," because you know those wacky Chinese and their reliance on natural cures for soft dicks. Hey Jesse, how many ads per day do Viagra and Levitra run on Fox News, you smug blockheaded prick?

Again, this was ostensibly a segment about China and America and the 2016 election. So hey, definitely have Watters ask people about karate (which is Japanese), learn Tae Kwon Do in front of a South Korean flag, and play with nunchucks, which (again) are Japanese. Watters, an ambassador for America's "Speak English" channel, tried to speak Chinese and get this...the old man teaching him a phrase wanted him to say it correctly. Can you believe these people?

But don't worry, at the end, Uncle Bill stuck up for the residents of Chinatown. "When you go down to Chinatown, it seemed like everyone was aware of what's going on," Bill-O said, amazed that anywhere but the Mayonnaise District could understand American politics. But, it was all in good fun, Bill said about a segment that was a four minute block of Watters pulling his eyelids back and pronouncing his l's as r's.

"They're such a polite people, they won't walk away," Watters said laughing, dropping some A+ racial science for the audience at home. Of course, for all the "oh it's all in good fun" defenses O'Reilly and Watters threw around, whatever you do, never forget that Jesse Watters is the exact kind of coward who can dish it out but can't take it.