Yesterday FOX News ran a story about how President Obama, instead of creating jobs by abolishing taxes, chose to spend his birthday party on Thursday night just cold being "urban" at a "Hip-Hop BBQ" that included hip-hoppy guests like Jay-Z and…uh, UBS Investment Bank President Robert Wolf. The crowd probably shot dice and took bets on how much Olde English Attorney General Eric Holder could chug before the spinners on Joe Biden's Camaro wound to a halt. But Fox's executive VP of programming Bill Shine told Yahoo News that there is a perfectly logical explanation for the headline: it wasn't their fault.

Shine said in a statement:

We used the hip-hop reference per Politico's Playbook story this morning which stated 'Also present: Chicago pals, law-school friends, donors--and lots of kids of friends, who stole the show by doing dance routines to the hip-hop songs, in the center of the East Room.'

Sure, the guests may have danced "the electric slide," but why let a stray reference go to waste? Foster Kamer at the Observer notes that George H.W. Bush had lunch with N.W.A's Eazy-E, but "Eazy-E" was actually H.W.'s nickname for his second Secretary of Agriculture, Edward Madigan.

Anyone wishing to join in on naming some of the other hip-hop BBQ acts that probably played in the East Room should Tweet them with the hashtag #HipHopBBQActs. FOX News: feel free to use this exclusive (and NSFW) source material regarding what REALLY went down in the White Heazy on Barry's Birthday.