Fox 5—where Ernie Anastos is still fucking that chicken—has a long history of entertaining screw ups. It is the home of Greg Kelly, after all! And last night reporter Lidia Curanaj added another grand gaffe to WNYW's illustrious history. Have you heard about the how the new iPhone 5 can project holograms? And has a laser keyboard?!

On a recent piece on the sales records that Apple's new smartphone has set before even going on sale and about the people who are already on line for it, Curanaj decided to list some of the product's new features and, well, just jump to 0:42 why don't you:

Notice something wrong there? Seems that somebody showed the Fox reporter an Aatma Studios concept video for a hypothetical iPhone 5 from last year. This one in fact:

Oops! Still, to be fair? That laser keyboard would be pretty sweet.