2007_06_dinervid.jpgToday, the fourth suspect in the alleged plot to blow up a jet fuel pipeline at JFK airport and the vicinity surrendered to authorities in Trinidad. Abdel Nur is being questioned and will appear in court in the next few days. Two other suspects, Abdul Kadir and Kareem Ibrahim, were arrested in Trinidad on Saturday, while Russell Defreitas, a former air cargo worker at JFK was arrested in Brooklyn.

Surveillance camera footage of Defreitas was released yesterday, showing his interaction with the government informant and his arrest. Defreitas will attend a bail hearing, with his public defender, tomorrow.

And is it coincidental that the city wants everyone to know when the Office of Emergency Management's Ready New York events are taking place? Maybe not, since Mayor Bloomberg says New Yorkers shouldn't worry too much about it (instead, they should "Get a life!"). Of course, presidential candidate Rudy Giuliani uses the JFK terror plot as excuse to say, "Today's arrests remind us that we're at war...I've had the most experience dealing with terrorism" on Saturday, the day of the attacks. From the AP:

Earlier, he told the crowd to watch Sunday night's Democratic presidential candidate debate and see if the words "Islamic terrorist" are mentioned. He said they weren't during the first debate.

"I want to see tomorrow night if you hear them utter those words, because if you do, I want you to put a little check mark next to my name and give me credit for it because I've been criticizing them for weeks for not mentioning the words 'Islamic terrorist,"' he said.

Jeez, okay! Checking...no credit for you Rudy - only "terrorist" is mentioned.

And last night, Keith Olbermann updated his "Nexus of Politics and Terror" segment by pointing out that the JFK terror plot was revealed the day before the Democratic debate (watch it on YouTube). Coincidence or not?