Who needs a strip club when you can just ride the New York City subways? In March, four limber women took to the subway in a quest to win $10,000 from DareJunkies.com. The website offered the prize to the best public pole dance. The video features Laura Lee Anderson, Jessica Wu, Marissa Lupp, Isis Masoud, and regular subway riders as the four grind their way to the $10,000 prize. The scantily clad women were hogging the poles for twirls and using the overhead handles for other dance tricks - one of them even did a split on the subway floor! While there was at least one rider unhappy with the stunt, several other riders seem pleased with the dancing, especially one male rider who received a lap dance. Some riders even missed their stops by six stations to continue watching the show!

The MTA wasn't too pleased with the dancing quartet, who call themselves the "Pole-ite Girls". MTA spokesperson Paul Fleuranges told the Daily News, "The last thing we want is for anyone to turn our subways into roving burlesque stages for crude exhibitionists. While the rules don't specifically state lap or pole dancing...what is depicted here is disorderly conduct."

We're unsure whether the riders tipped, but this could be a burgeoning form of panhandling in New York. Just be sure to have plenty of dollar bills to tip your dancer. One thing's for certain, these ladies may be the dirtiest pole dancers in New York City. Clearly the women don't care about hogging the poles or what the violence it could lead to.