Yesterday, police arrested over 50 of the taxi drivers who are accused of massively overcharging passengers in an out-of-town rate fraud scheme. But it turns out that four of the top ten worst perpetrators are still on the loose!

The drivers-at-large are Mfamara Camara, 38, of the Bronx; Rudy Guisbert, 66, of Queens; Wasim Cheema, 22, of Brooklyn, and Tariq Wain, 63, of Manhattan. Collectively, the four drivers are accused of scamming more than 14,000 riders. Cheema was one of the first drivers to be caught in the scam, when it was revealed that he had overcharged 574 passengers in one month alone, earning $11,499 for 642 trips. Camara is accused of overcharging a total of about $15,500 through nearly 4,800 fares, according to AP. A Manhattan DA spokesman said there are warrants out for the checkered gang of four.