The ongoing animal soap opera at Prospect Park Lake continues, this time the drama revolving around four swans—two adults and two babies. All four of them were discovered Monday with fishing hooks in their beaks and lines around their legs, according to the Brooklyn Paper. Two local swan enthusiasts saved the day, telling the paper that the injuries had to be treated immediately and they probably only had another day to live if they hadn't been found.

Ed Bahlman and Anne-Katrin Titze led the rescue effort, calling Urban Park Rangers who eventually showed up after they freed three of the four swans. But the rangers didn't bring nets to help wrangle the last one free, and for some reason, didn't return until yesterday with the appropriate equipment. They were, however, successful, and now all four swans are swimming safely in the lake... until Man tries to make them down again.

It's believed the swans were injured by "outlaw fishers" who were armed with illegal barbed hooks. Here are the rules for fishing in the park, which state:

  • Fishing is "catch and release" only. Once a fish is caught, remove the hook and return it to the Lake unharmed.
  • No barbed hooks are allowed.
  • Anglers must respect the habitats and nesting grounds of birds and waterfowl.
  • Leave fishing sites clear of all debris.
  • Careless disposal of fishing line poses extreme hazards to birds and small animals. Hooks are especially dangerous to children and wildlife.
  • Please take home even the shortest length of line and dispose of properly.