Four NJ Transit workers were arrested Wednesday after they were caught selling stolen train tickets for discounted prices.

The conductors—Wilbert Townsend, 47, Marquise Richardson, 40, Robert Nemeth, 67, and Andrew Paloti, 46—are accused of running a scheme in which they collected tickets from passengers but, instead of canceling them, bundled and resold them at a steeply discounted rate, says the Essex County Prosecutor. According to, the four allegedly resold the tickets in bundles of 40 to monthly pass holders from around $100 or $200. The tickets don't expire.

Nemeth, who was arrested at his home, retired after 44 years as a conductor in May. Townsend was arrested at Newark Penn Station, Richardson was arrested as he boarded the train at Princeton Junction and Paloti turned himself in. All have been suspended without pay.

The men have been charged with commercial bribery, official misconduct and theft.