Four dorm rooms at the New School were found vandalized with swastikas on Saturday, shocking students at the progressive university.

Sam Lichtenstein, a 20-year-old student who lives with two Jewish roommates at the New School's Kerrey Hall, was among those whose doors were vandalized.

"We were definitely shocked that it happened at such a progressive school," Lichtenstein told Gothamist via email. "We're assuming someone did this to be funny, but it's not funny and we're taking it seriously. We're really sad to see that these incidents are happening at other universities. They're absolutely unacceptable and we need to work to make sure this does not keep happening."

Lichtenstein and her roommates reported the hate symbol to campus authorities and filed a police report with help from campus security.

"We are still very overwhelmed by the situation and the response it's gotten, but are very thankful for all the support we've been given from our peers and from professors at the school," she said.

"Our community standards are very strong and hate crimes are unacceptable at The New School," university President David Van Zandt said in a statement emailed to students on Saturday. He continued:

"The New School is committed to tolerance, respect, and diversity. Any form of expression that denigrates members of our community based on their race, ethnicity, religion, or gender identity, or political beliefs is completely abhorrent and antithetical to our core values. We take any such instance seriously, investigate swiftly, and take appropriate action to ensure the security and safety of our students."

Van Zandt also denounced the vandalism on Twitter, as did Mayor de Blasio.

Other students were shocked that the incident took place on their campus. "This wouldn't shock me at any other school, but at this one it's absolutely shocking," Drew Davis, 19, told the Daily News.

"Everybody's devastated," Anna Kampfe, a 19-year-old sophomore from Atlanta told the News. "We figured at a progressive school nothing like this would ever happen. That's so hateful."