Last night, four unrelated murders took place within a three hour time span in the city, including one by a "machete-wielding fiend."

Mohamed Jalloh, 18, who relatives say was an immigrant from Sierra Leone, was found fatally stabbed after the altercation with a man with a knife at around 1:30 am in Washington Heights. Relatives told the Post they believe it may have been a case of mistaken identity, while the police are unsure if there was any motive currently (some witnesses told the Times there was a dispute in a McDonald's).

At the same time on Fulton Street in East New York, Teofilo Garcia, 31, was found dead with a shot wound in his torso. Around 1:45 am, David Moore, 23, was shot dead on Lexington Avenue near East 122nd Street. And just before 4 am, Tamer Brown, 22, was shot several times at the Melrose-Jackson Houses at 785 Cortland Ave. in The Bronx. The murder rate in the city increased slightly from 2009 over the first quarter of 2010.