Four Queens men tortured and tried to kill Anthony Albaricci because he "allegedly" sprayed the following on one of the men's homes: "Aamer, you scum, pick up your phone." The Queens DA's office charged Aamer Khan, Ali Khan, Christian Diaz, and Joseph Piazza, ages 17-19, with attempted murder, assault and weapons possession for the incident that took place last Friday According to the Daily News, Aamer Khan owed Albaricci money.

The Queens DA's office detailed the insanity, which involved Albaricci being lured into a Ford Explorer, being choked by a belt, stabbed with a knife, slashed with a razor on his hands and face, and having a gun pointed at him (the trigger was pulled but no bullets were discharged). When Albaricci escaped, Ali Khan and Lopez chased him and hit him with a chair, while Aamer Khan and Diaz hit him with the car a few times.

Then things got good when a police officer saw Aamer Khan and Diaz covered in blood: "When police examined the Explorer, they allegedly found the vehicle with blood all over the inside and the .32 caliber revolver, loaded with one live round, and a bloody knife with a broken blade clearly visible on the driver’s seat." That's a lot of evidence. Albaricci needed over 100 stitches; he told the Daily News that he thought he was going to die.