Four men have been arrested in connection with the murder of a livery cab driver in The Bronx earlier this week. The NYPD is currently investigating whether the suspects were involved in the killing of another livery cab driver earlier this month.

On Thursday and Friday, Takiem Ewing, Tyrone Felder and Kareem Martin were arrested and charged with Tuesday's fatal carjacking of 62-year-old Aboubacar Bah. Today, a fourth suspect, Tommy Smalls, was arrested in Manhattan. Bah was shot in the head at around 6 a.m. on Tuesday, after picking up a "passenger" who turned out to be a carjacker. Witnesses say they saw four men dump his body in Hunts Point, then drive away in his car.

And authorities believe the men were involved in another fatal carjacking this month: on August 5th, the body of livery cab driver Maudo Kane was found on Hunter Avenue. The NYPD says Kane was shot in the head, and his car was later found "doused in bleach" near Yankee Stadium. Though the suspects allegedly used different guns to kill Kane and Bah, officials say both guns were used in a shooting in the Bronx in May.

The suspects were arrested by FBI agents and NYPD officers. Authorities say they were able to track the men down thanks to a combination of surveillance video and a tip from an informant.