An SUV driver jumped a curb in Manhattan this afternoon, crashing into a storefront and injuring four people, officials said.

Ben Sparks, a witness who came upon the scene immediately following the crash, said he saw "a bunch of people being taken out in stretchers. I saw one guy with blood all over him."

Emergency responders address an a injured person sitting on the ground (Ben Sparks)

The incident occurred at the corner of 6th Avenue and 17th Street in Chelsea, where a driver careened into the facade of a T-Mobile store on 6th Avenue. The Fire Department, which received the call at 2:38 p.m., said four people were transported to Bellevue Hospital.

A witness reportedly said that pedestrians were struck by the driver. The FDNY was unable at this time to confirm whether any of the victims included the driver. The NYPD is still at the scene, and we'll update as information becomes available.

Update: According to the NYPD, the SUV was being operated by an Uber driver with a sick passenger. The driver "panicked," a police spokesperson said, and he lost control of the car. The NYPD did not have any information at this time about where the vehicle was traveling.

Police outside the store (Jeff Seal)

There are currently traffic delays on 6th Avenue a result of the crash.

Additional reporting by Jeff Seal