Yesterday afternoon, six adults and five children were stuck in an elevator for over three hours. The Fire Department was called to the Polo Grounds housing project in West Harlem when someone reported the elevator was stuck between the 15th and 16th floors.

Somehow, the power went out around 3:45PM, and the passengers, stuck in the a 4' by 6' foot space, called 911. Seventeen year old Laquell Harris said, "We could barely move, and we couldn't sit down because it was so crowded. And it was hot." He added that it was scary because the elevator would move up and down. By 7:30PM, Fire Department managed to hoist everyone up by using harnessing through the elevator car's ceiling hatch.

While many complaints have been made about the elevators, this particular car was the newest. Fifty-year-old maintenance worker Raymond Perez, who was the last to be taken out, had some choice words. He told the Post, "I've been calling 311 for the longest. These elevators never work," while he said, when asked by the Daily News if he would be taking the elevator tomorrow, "Like hell."

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