2008_12_carolyn.jpgFour recognizable faces from the News Channel 4 team will no longer be with the station after it was announced yesterday that their contracts are not being renewed. Sports anchor Otis Livingston, weathercaster SallyAnn Moseley, anchor Monica Morales and longtime reporter Carolyn Gusoff (pictured) were all let go by WNBC amidst cutbacks as the station transforms itself in preparation for a NY1-style 24-hour news channel. A staff member told the Post, "These are big names. These are people who are considered a central part of our team, and the news that they're going has left us lost for words. Morale is not good." And to add to the wreckage, the News notes, "Ironically, word of the cuts got out on the day that the station shot its annual group Christmas sing-along promotional spot by the tree in Rockefeller Center." Look closely for the pain behind those radiant Sue Simmons eyes (as always).