A bus headed to New York City overturned on I-95 in central Virginia today, killing four people and injuring dozens others. The accident occurred near the amusement park King's Dominion, just outside of Richmond, and the Virginia State Police believe the crash was due to driver fatigue and charges are pending. In March, a Chinatown bus crashed on I-95 in the Bronx, killing 15 passengers.

The Virginia State Police say, "The bus ran off of the right side of the road and overturned -- coming to rest upside down on its roof. State police were called to the scene at 4:55am."

The bus, with 59 people on board, was headed to Chinatown and is operated by Sky Express in North Carolina. According to WTOP, "Drivers with Charlotte-based Sky Express have been cited for 17 unsafe-driving violations, including eight speeding violations since 2009. Records show the company was cited for 46 violations related to fatigued driving, including three that were classified as serious."

A recent Yelp review says:

I've taken this bus many times as its so cheap, but warned... Its not for everyone. Sometimes the buses are rank!! Its literally like riding in a porta john... other times there's no odor and its fine. On my last ride from nyc to durham, nc the bus driver began shouting "Fuch You Muddah Fuckkah!! I fuk u up!!" to a passenger who accidentally hit the call button... He then pulled over and continued shouting. When he started driving again he floored the accelerator and was driving 60 or 70mph down Canal st. We hit a bump and the bus nearly took flight! Every passenger screamed as if they were on a rollercoaster... Baggage fell out of the overhead and a small child fell into the [aisle]. The driver slowed down and yelled "Don't make me Mad!" I couldn't make this stuff up if I tried:)...

Another time the driver stopped to change drivers... He got in an argument with the new driver, and they actually started fist fighting! Luckily I was close to my destination, and I immediately got off the bus...

In the March Bronx bus crash, investigators believe the bus was speeding while passengers said the driver was sleeping; the driver has denied the allegations and says he was run off by a tractor-trailer.