Four Department of Correction officers have been arrested for assaulting a Rikers Island inmate and filing false reports with the city.

On March 15, 2013, surveillance cameras show Officers Michael Dorsainvil and Christopher Huggins entering an inmate's cell and hitting the victim in the face. Officer Mark Anglin followed, and the three proceeded to force the inmate to the ground, were the attack continued. The inmate was left badly bruised and required stitches on his mouth.

Following the incident, the three filed use-of-force reports alleging their actions were necessary to prevent the inmate from hanging himself, with a fourth officer, Ronald Donnelley, corroborating their statements. The surveillance video, on the other hand, showed no such thing.

Dorsainvil, Huggins and Anglin face multiple charges of first degree attempted gang assault and and attempted assault. Those three, in addition to Donnelley, were charged with falsifying business records and offering a false instrument for filing.

In a statement, DOI Commissioner Mark G. Peters said “correction officers who use force when it is unjustified and falsify the facts to cover it up undermine the safety and integrity of our City’s jails and make the job of all correction officers more difficult. Working with the Correction Department and the Bronx District Attorney’s Office, DOI will continue to investigate and expose this illegal conduct.”