New York City is home to more than 50 public pools, but four of them are in danger of closing unless the City Council coughs up an extra $1.5 million to keep them open. According to the Daily News, the pools destined for the chopping block are: Wagner pool in East Harlem, Howard pool in Brownsville, Fort Totten pool in Queens and Faber pool in Staten Island.

You have probably never been to these pools, since the only pool that matters is, of course, McCarren Park pool, but it is important that we dedicate a healthy sense of outrage on this sweltering Friday to the possibility that residents will have fewer pool options in which to defecate swim. We can't help but notice that both Wagner and Howard are located in some of the city's poorest neighborhoods, when we have a sneaking suspicion that Chelsea residents would probably sooner wait in 1,000 lines at Disney World than step a manicured toe in a public swimming facility.

More alarmingly, all of the city's pools are slated to close two weeks earlier than normal this year, meaning they'll shut down before Labor Day? They don't even open until June 27! Find a full list of the swimming spots that you can't enjoy for another three weeks here.