Four children, including an eight-month-old girl, were injured in an early morning Harlem fire yesterday. The fire broke out on the fifth floor of the six-story building at Manhattan Avenue and W. 115th Street. "My dog woke me up barking and when I went into the hall it was black with smoke. I felt the flames on my face. I was terrified," said resident Shaun Holbrook, who was able to escape down a fire escape with his dog in his arms.

Cops are still investigating how the fire started, but resident Izell Davis says it started in his bedroom, and blames it on an extension cord by the closet: "I was watching TV—'Married with Children.' As soon as I cut off the TV, I saw the flames in my closet." No one was killed, but two boys ages 9 and 14, and a girl age 11, were taken to the New York-Presbyterian Hospital/Weill Cornell Medical Center with burns on their feet from the hot fire escape. The eight-month-old was taken to St. Luke's Hospital with smoke inhalation.