Federal prosecutors have charged four men with stealing $1.5 million from various bank accounts after installing recording technology and other devices at ATMs in Midtown, Chelsea and across from the United Nations as well as in Miami and Chicago. Mihail Draghici, Ionel Dedulescu, Didi Theodor Ciulei and Laurentiu Mugurel Manta were hit with multiple charges, including bank fraud; the Dow Jones News Service reports, "The former two were arrested in Miami December as they tried to board an international flight... The latter two were arrested last month in Chicago."

The men allegedly hit Chase branches in Manhattan and Citigroup and Chase branches in Miami and Chicago. According to the indictment, the suspects took PIN and account information gathered from the skimming devices and "then encoded the stolen account information onto the magnetic stripes of blank plastic cards, such as store gift cards." They then used the fake cards to withdraw money from the accounts.

The crimes occurred March to May last year; the men face up to 60 years in prison if convicted.