Stamford police busted an alleged prostitution ring that was being run out of a massage parlor, arresting four Brooklyn women. And they caught them in the act: Lt. Tim Shaw says police armed with a search warrant found two women in rooms with men, one of them in the middle of performing a sexual act. “[We] located condoms throughout the building. They were hidden in false-bottom hairspray cans,” said Shaw. Which is obviously hardcore proof of prostitution!

Police had been monitoring the La Rue Estetique Spa for over a month since they several complaints about the massage parlor. The parlor advertised itself on Craigslist as an upscale Russian spa, calling itself "Magic European Touch." According to court records, police believed the massage parlor was a front for prostitution where illegal immigrants might be working as sex slaves. When they raided the parlor on Thursday, officers saw a woman on top of a man in the middle of a sexual act. In the second room, officers saw a woman clad only in a bra next to nude man laying on a massage table.

Three of the women from Brooklyn, Rano Rakimova, 24; Maryna Rogozhyna, 29; and Alla Gindin, 39; were all charged with prostitution and operating a massage parlor without a license. The fourth woman, Natalia Cataraso, 41, was identified as the madam of the ring. Records show that Cataraso had been arrested for prostitution in 2004 under the name Natalia Strochkovoskaya, but she pleaded guilty to a lesser charge of disorderly conduct. She faces charges of second-degree promoting prostitution, a felony, and operating a massage parlor without a license. The two men who were in the parlor at the time of the raid were also arrested, and issued summonses for patronizing a prostitute.